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Parent Testimonial Videos
Watch how addictions are ended, lives are saved and families are restored from a parent's perspective.
Watch "Pete & Arlene" Video
Watch "Robert & Marlene" Video
Graduation Video
Understand the program from the inside out as graduates tell their stories and what they went through to conquer their addictions.
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What Causes A Relapse?
The addict can just say "no" a thousand times, but it only takes saying "yes" one time to start the cycle of addiction again.
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Detox Video
Watch how drugs are expelled from the body using the Hubbard Detoxification program as adopted by the Utah State Attorney General for police officers exposed to toxic chemicals in meth labs.
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Our Full Program Description
Step 1. Drug Withdrawal Drugs such as heroin and alcohol normally come with a considerable amount of physical discomfort when an individual stops taking them. That is why we conduct a pre-medical evaluation and provides...
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The Truth about Drugs
Watch a video about the dangers of drugs
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The Truth about Alcohol
Watch a video about the dangers of Alcohol
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The Truth about Cocaine
Watch a video about the dangers of Cocaine
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The Truth about Crack
Watch a video about the dangers of Crack
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The Truth about Ecstasy
Watch a video about the dangers of Ecstasy
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The Truth about Heroin
Watch a video about the dangers of Heroin
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The Truth about Inhalants
Watch a video about the dangers of Inhalants
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The Truth about LSD
Watch a video about the dangers of LSD
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The Truth about Marijuana
Watch a video about the dangers of Marijuana
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The Truth about Meth
Watch a video about the dangers of Meth
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The Truth about Pain Killers
Watch a video about the dangers of Pain Killers
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The Truth about Prescription Drugs
Watch a video about the dangers of Prescription Drugs
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A Word from our Medical Director
The Institute for Progressive Medicine was founded by Allan Sosin, M.D., a board certified internist and nephrologist with over 35 years of experience. We treat people of all ages, with comprehensive, state of the art medicine. With access to both conventional and complementary therapies, we formulate programs for health that avoid the complications of drugs and surgery...
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Our Drug Education Programs
Our Passion Is Keeping Kids Off Drugs: Below are some acknowledgments for our drug education presentations...
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Hubbard New Life Detoxification Program
The Hubbard New Life Detoxification Program: Drug metabolites can remain in the fatty tissue of the body ...
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Addiction Explained
No one intends to become a drug addict or alcoholic. Our experiences show that the drug addict or alcoholic was usually an intelligent and often creative person with much...
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Parent Testimonials
To whom it may concern: Our son, Tom has turned into a mature, responsible, contributing member of society. We are very proud of him and what he is doing. It wasn't always this way...
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Published Science Papers
Summary: Prior to detoxification, adipose tissue concentrations were determined for seven individuals accidentally exposed to PBBs.
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76% Success Rate
We have the highest documented success rate in the world 76% and we stand behind our...
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Sunshine Summit Lodge:

Sunshine Summit Lodge is located in the beautiful county of San Diego, California. Could anyone ask for a more delightful combination? If location helps determine the desirability of a place, then the country setting is virtually unrivaled for those with a taste for the rugged scenery and open spaces of the West. The perfect distraction free treatment setting. A place where people enjoy waking up each day.

Video of Sunshine Summit
Lodge Graduation

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Rainbow Canyon Retreat:

Rainbow Canyon Retreat is located 160 miles north of Las Vegas in Lincoln County, Nevada. Six miles from the historic town of Caliente, Nevada. Nestled on 320 beautiful acres, Rainbow Ranch is an ideal treatment location and setting. Each season of the year has its own unique beauty. The towns of Lincoln County Nevada are as different and colorful as the country itself. Alamo and the beautiful Pahranagat Valley, Caliente and its magnificent mission-style railroad depot and Panaca's rich pioneer history.

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Fort Collins New Life Center:

Located in the beautiful college town of Fort Collins, Colorado. Fort Collins New Life Center is nestled along side of the Cache La Poudre River at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The surrounding views, nearby parks, rivers and wide open spaces make Fort Collins one of the best places in the country to start a new life free of drug and alcohol addiction. Our Fort Collins Colorado facility is a spacious, modern building. On their free time, clients can enjoy basketball, volleyball, baseball, horse shoes, billiards, ping pong, and movies. A professional kitchen and wonderful chefs provide great food. Our staff is dedicated to helping others achieve freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Texas LoneStar Victory Ranch:

Texas Lone Star Victory Ranch is located on 17 beautiful acres in the heart of Texas. With brand new facilities and rooms across this lush landscape, this facility provides a great distraction free environment where you can be comfortable, happy and at peace while freeing your life of stress and anxieties.

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